This tidbit will break thriller films endlessly, however there you go: Apple strictly forbids filmmakers from placing iPhones (or any of its different merchandise) within the fingers of villains — or so says director of Knives Out and Star Wars: Episode VIII, Rian Johnson.

In an interview with Vainness Honest, the director divulged that Apple is fairly draconian about how its devices are portrayed in films. “I don’t know if I ought to say this or not,” Johnson says, guffawing. “[Apple lets] you employ iPhones in films […] [but] dangerous guys can not have iPhones on digital camera.”

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“That is very pivotal for those who’re ever watching a thriller film,” the director additionally mentioned. “It’s going to screw me on the subsequent thriller film that I write.”

“Every single filmmaker that has a nasty man of their film that’s presupposed to be a secret needs to homicide me proper now,” Johnson added.

So there you’ve gotten it: iPhones for the nice guys, Android for anyone else. As if most films weren’t predictable enough already, now we’ve obtained yet one more revealing element to look out for when making an attempt to guess the antagonist.

Apple is notoriously possessive in relation to depictions of its model. “Apple doesn’t assist the usage of its logos, firm names, product names, or photographs of Apple merchandise by different events in […] as their use could create the notion that Apple endorses or sponsors the product,” the corporate says.

It additional calls for its units be “proven solely in the very best mild, in a way or context that displays favorably on the Apple merchandise and on Apple.”

Certainly, MacRumors notes there was once a running theory that good guys in 24 used Macs, whereas dangerous guys used PCs. The speculation ultimately turned out to be appropriate.

Giggles apart, there have been situations wherein morally flawed characters have been caught utilizing Apple devices on digital camera, however these are uncommon. For probably the most half, you won’t see dangerous guys holding iPhones. In actuality, although, they do.

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